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paint with your heart


. . . Going to the Wadden Sea for painting is always

something special. When the port of Lauwersoog is left behind

us, the "Hendrik", a converted old crab cutter, takes us out into

another world. "Koffie?" Geurt Busser, whose student

I have become, asks, and we leave the fairway to anchor

on a sandbar in the Wadden Sea. The low tide sets in, we fall dry. It starts ...

Alice Abed el Sayed

seit 2016 fahre ich monatlich mit meinem Lehrer Geurt Busser aufs Wattenmeer um zu malen
Das Wattenmeer ist ein wunderbarer Ort, um Aquarelle zu malen

Whether in the Netherlands, on the Jade Bay, on the Dollart - the Wadden Sea fascinates me everywhere. And I can hardly say why it touches me so deeply. Maybe because you can feel the rhythm of nature so immediately there. To paint this sublime beauty - to try it - triggers peace and joy in me.

In the meantime I also give painting lessons . Due to the pandemic restrictions, however, only within the current framework of what is possible. Plein air painting, so outside in a small group is not a problem. Previous experience is not necessary, material is provided. If you are interested, simply write me a message using my contact form or directly to">

Plein air painting on the Wadden Sea with water color is challenging.

Wet-in- wet technology in wind and weather is never the same, sometimes the paper dries after a few minutes, then again apparently not at all. The motif is also constantly changing.

There is no time to follow anything but your intuition.

You indulge in the flow and then paint with your heart.

ich male auch am Dollart, Jadebusen, an der niedersächsischen Nordseeküste
Ich male auf hochwertigem 300g Büttenpapier, aus reiner Baumwolle. Sicherlich das teuerste Aquarellpapier, Arches Grain fin

At the heart of my watercolor painting are the valuable brushes. They are particularly large and made from badger, sheep or squirrel hair.

Exklusiver Maltisch über dem Wasser auf dem Schiff

I paint on high quality 300g handmade paper, made of pure cotton. Certainly the most expensive watercolor paper, but of incomparable quality. This is the only way to make the colors run smoothly.

Das Herzstück meiner Aquarellmalerei sind die wertvollen Pinsel. Sie sind besonders groß und hergestellt aus Dachs,- Schaf -

I work in wash technology. The whole picture is created wet on wet without drying phase. In frosty temperatures, genever comes into the painting water so that it stays fluid.

The "Hendrik" is an old crab cutter from 1928. The home port is Lauwersoog, on the Dutch North Sea coast. The ship can dry out at low tide and remains on the mud flats.

Exklusiver Malort auf dem Kutter bei Ebbe auf dem Wattenmeer
Ich bin eine Meisterschülerin von Geurt Busser

Geurt Busser is a true master of watercolor painting. He is my teacher and the captain of the ship. The largest and most beautiful watercolor paintings that I have ever seen are made by him.

He paints for love of life and teaches me to see with my heart.

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